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Justification of the projects

There are many talented children and young people who need support. In the town there are very few opportunities for them to develop. Also, there is a great number of children in the 8th form of elementary school who face an entrance exam for high school. Because of material situation of the family, they can’t pay for a tutor to prepare the child for the exam.

Objectives of the projects

To encourage, train and support young talented children and to prepare those in the 8th form for the entrance exam for high school.

Summary of the projects

We organise different activities for children and young people under the supervision and advice of a qualified person. We have developed different activities: art (drawing and drama), electronics, mathematics and languages.

All these activities are offered free of charge. The foundation covers all the expenses for materials and teachers. 







This aims:

  1. to encourage children and young people to express themselves through art

  2. to encourage and train talented children to go to art schools

  3. to participate in international art exhibitions and competitions

The activities are drawing and drama.

Currently we have 35 children who come regularly to the drawing classes. They are divided into four groups according to their age and the type of activity. Every year we organise four of five exhibitions of the children’s work. The best paintings have been sent to international competitions and exhibitions. Some of them have won different international prizes, during the years.

For the drama group we selected 15 children and teenagers to present short drama or puppet shows for children on various occasions.


The Christian Library

Justification of the project

In the area, there are many Christians who belong to different denominations.

The number of children is very high too and we want to mould their minds and open their hearts for God.

The goal of the project

We try to reach with the project, as many people as possible, and to encourage and challenge all of them to live a true Christian life. Also, we want to keep them informed about project developments.

Summary of the project

The library has a variety of book titles from different denominations: Orthodox, Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal and Brethren. We have about 600 registered readers who come from the town and villages around. One third of our readers are children. We believe that this is an effective way to reach people’s hearts with the Word of God. Most Romanians belong to the Orthodox church but they don’t know God in a personal way. When we lend them a good book to read it helps to open their eyes and hearts to God. The librarian is a "Born again" Christian Orthodox. She is a tremendous witness to those who want to learn more about God. She knows just how to talk to Orthodox people about spiritual life in God, and they are more open to listen when they hear from a fellow member of the Orthodox church.

The library also has 200 videos, both films and cartoons, on different Biblical themes. We are developing a weekly video club for children and a monthly programme for young people.

We organise Bible competitions for children who are registered with the library. We send question sheets to the children and they fill in their answers. The three children with top marks are invited to take part in an open quiz, where every correct answer gains the winner a money prize.

Evangelistic Language Camps


Justification of the project

This is a practical way to reach out to young people with the Gospel and offer an opportunity to study and practice a foreign language with native speakers. Everything is done in a relaxed way in a picturesque environment.

The goal of the project

Assimilation / appropriation of language knowledge and recreation.

Summary of the Project

This is one of the ways we try to reach out to young people with the Gospel. The idea was suggested to us in 1990 by an American organisation. Since then we have organised evangelistic English language camps each year and they have proved to be very effective. More recently we extended this idea to include French language camps. We organise the camps, inviting an English or French team to join us to provide the language teaching.

The morning programme at our language camps includes an hour Bible study and three to four hours of language classes. During the afternoon there are indoor and outdoor activities and a conversation class. The special evening programme is run by groups of campers who contribute with songs, testimonies, sketches and games.

Both Christians and non-Christians are invited to these camps. The evangelistic aim is achieved by sharing our lives in a Christian environment, rather than through preaching and intensive Bible study. Each time we’ve seen many lives touched and changed by God.

We also organise other types of camps for children and teenagers, some focusing on Christian teaching and others with themes like art and creativity or language.


Bible Studies

Justification of the project

When Jesus left the earth he told us to "make disciples.......teaching them to keep what He told us".

The need for Biblical knowledge and training was evident many years ago.

Objectives of the project

Teach and train all who want to know (regardless of denomination or beliefs), about God’s Word.

Summary of the project

Each week a group meets on Wednesdays for prayer and Bible study. Most of the members are Dorca Staff (who are a mixture of people from different denominations) but the study is open to anybody who wants to know more about God and His Word. We hope this study will help us develop better relationships both between our staff and also between ourselves and others.

We also organise intensive Bible study weeks when we invite visiting speakers. One of these was Arnie Maves from Florida, USA. He is an old missionary with a young heart who has visited us every year for the past 15 years, to give us Bible teaching.


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